Interview Questions and Answers: What do you see as major issues in this job?

There's no generic interview answer to this interview question, because all jobs are different, but there are common principles.

These are the important principles to consider in your interview answer:

  • quality standards
  • organizational factors
  • performance
  • problem solving/situation management

The job issues will relate to most, sometimes all, of these factors. Your interview answer should clearly address employer needs in each category.

Quality Standards

Some jobs require very high levels of output, some require high quality, some require both. Your interview answer has to show clear understanding of these issues.

Organizational Factors

The organizational 'feed, the movement of work, is a vitally important issue. Backlogs are expensive, and highly destructive of efficiency throughout the organization. Your interview answer must indicate an understanding of the organizational role of the position.


Jobs which use performance indicators do so because performance is a key issue. A good interview answer will address these issues thoroughly.

Problem Solving/Situation Management

Some jobs, particularly public contact jobs, are problem solving/situation management jobs by definition. This role is usually critical. The interview answer should emphasize this issue.

Quality Control for Your Interview Answer

A good interview answer is well integrated. If you refer to 'Quality, you'll have to define issues and give an explanation. Give your interview answer in the form of subject/issues/explanation.


The job is high volume data administration, with public contact. The interview question is: 'What do you consider to be the critical issues in this job?"

'I see a few obvious key issues.

Performance and teamwork, are clearly primary critical issues. Such high volumes of work and the need for good data quality mean data handling must be efficient and properly done. The team has to function reliably.

Another big issue is workflow, based on volumes. It's essential to maintain a good feed of work into the organizational system and avoid backlogs.

The public contact role also requires good quality and performance, with a need for good client service and problem solving.


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • good understanding of roles
  • awareness of organizational issues
  • understanding of team efficiency needs
  • clear awareness of needs for public contact role

The interview question has been covered in detail.