Interview Questions and Answers: What questions do you ask the interviewers

There really are a few things you can ask about, and some of them are quite important. The interview answers will definitely be informative, and these questions are about specific things you can't really find out for yourself.

About the job itself:

  • wages/retainers
  • conditions
  • hours
  • shifts
  • health care
  • package entitlements
  • specific issues in relation to the job which are unclear
  • workloads
  • allowances
  • expenses
About the employer:
  • organizational questions
  • promotion opportunities
  • training
  • career issues
  • personal needs
  • equal Opportunity
  • topics relating to current business

These aren't exactly irrelevant issues, and the interview answers are all things you do need to know. Very few interviewees have all the information they need about an employer, and asking their own interview questions can be very productive.

What to ask, and What not to ask: Picking your Interview Questions

The one difficult issue about asking your interview questions is to ensure that you're not asking about things you really ought to know. You might have a few interview questions in mind when you arrive, but you may also find that in the course of the interview, your own interview answers have covered some of them.

Try not to duplicate any prior question or repeat any information which has been previously discussed.

Your interview questions are sometimes interpreted as an indicator of your level of interest in the job. This relates to the earlier point that what you know is what you were able to find out for yourself. You should know enough about the job to be able to ask professional interview questions.

Good interview answers are based on giving people useful information. So your own interview questions should be looking for useful interview answers.

One of the most useful kinds of interview question you can ask is based getting information you want about the job itself.

For example, if you're a corporate lawyer, you ask, 'Do you get many Chapter 11s in this practice?' Chapter 11s are corporate filings for bankruptcies. You ask this because Chapter 11s are something you specifically do not want to be doing. You can, in fact, do quite a bit of research about a professional career while getting some informative interview answers.