Interview Questions and Answers: Your ideal job interview questions

Of all interview questions, these are the most underrated. They sound like the most blue sky interview questions possible. They're anything but. They relate to the comparison of interviewees, and they can be the difference between getting a job or not.

Splitting candidates can be quite difficult. If they have the same qualifications and experience, (common when you have a range of people who've all met the job criteria) interview questions have to find qualitative differences.

Only one person will get the job, the one who scores best at the interview. The interview answers ultimately get the job. Interviewers have to be picky about how they arrange their interview questions and how they rate interview answers.

The 'ideal job' or 'dream job' interview question is so innocent-looking that anyone would think it was a sort of verbal stroll in the park. Interview answers typically range from casual to thoughtless, and a lot of interviewees lose points instantly. This interview question has teeth, and should be respected accordingly.

Important points about the 'ideal job' interview question

This particular interview question requires thought, and it requires a good, interesting performance by interviewees. Your interview answer has to have substance.

When giving your interview answer:

  • Set a clear scene of your ideal job.
  • Define the job clearly, and what you're achieving.
  • Equate it to your career goals.

This is a simple lead in to any further questions about the job, because you've made the equation with your career, and the job, obviously, is part of your career.

It's important that you can express your ideas well, when faced with interview questions of this type. Just remember that any interview questions which aren't directly related to the job are also good opportunities. You can expand your interview answers, and do a very good advertisement for your communications skills, while you're at it.

Always be factual, when you get what sounds like a 'rhetorical' interview question. In practice, with competent employers and interviewers, there's no such thing as a 'rhetorical' interview question. They're a waste of time and space, and interviewers have little enough of both.

When answering the 'ideal job' interview question, DO NOT do this:

You're strongly advised not to say 'This job', or any similar cliché, because it won't be appreciated, in fact it won't even be believed. It can irritate interviewers. You'll most likely be seen as lazy or sycophantic, rather than enthusiastic.

Structuring your 'ideal job' interview answer

Identify your ideal job with a few words, so there's a clear straightforward description for the interviewers to work with. Then just describe what you do, in your dream job. Put your dream job into context with your career.

You may be surprised to hear that this interview question is also a case when your real enthusiasm can work in your favor. Your interview answer and your performance will be good, and you will score well with this interview question.