Interview questions overview

Before we start

The idea of the interview questions section is to give you:

  • A good look at interview questions
  • Some advice regarding what these questions mean,
  • How to view them in context with the job
  • A chance to think about these questions, and put together your own reply

Most important

This advice may get you any number of jobs:

  • Don't parrot your answers, or just recite them.
  • Never, ever, underestimate a job interview question.
  • Stay relevant and on topic, with every question.

You're not just going through the motions.

Nor are you doing a sort of theatrical performance.

This is all bread and butter work, and you do need to understand the situation and really work on good answers.

The interview questions are broken up into:

  • The question,
  • An explanation of the question,
  • Some things to think about when putting together your answers

We're trying to keep it as simple and clear as possible, so people can see the logic involved.

We have included some executive level questions. These may not be currently relevant to you, but you need to see the way both the questions and the answers are structured.

A few things to remember with interviews

  • Don't even bother getting distracted. Just get to work.
  • Make sure you understand the questions. If not, ask.
  • Remember to answer all questions in context with the job.
  • Give yourself a second or so to breathe, before answering. Literally, remember to inhale. There's always some chance of blurting out an answer and running out of breath right in the middle.
  • Don't psych yourself out. If you want to be nervous, do it later.

Interview questions aren't puzzles. They're designed to get an idea of how well you know your stuff. The mere fact you've got the interview means you should be pretty well up to scratch, the rest is simple.

Treat every question as if you were being asked about something on the job by your boss.

Because, if you get the job, that's exactly what's happening.

You'll find everything becomes a lot simpler, and you don't get lost.