Interview Tips for Engineers: Engineer Interview Questions

Engineer interview questions come in different types and have degrees of difficulty during the interview. We spend a lot of time preparing our resumes so that we receive an opportunity to enter the professional ranks and world. If we prepare for them after receiving a clear idea about what is expected of an engineer, then nothing in the interview should be a surprise. Here are a few tips to be able to get through the interview process:

  • Prepare for the essay questions and not only for the multiple choice questions while both portions are time administered.
  • Emotional stability is important; do not let small errors or mistakes trip you up half-way into the interview. Because remember the interviewer will judge you based on the answered questions and your demeanor and not judge you by the mistakes that you made.
  • Be polite and graceful when you answer.
  • Switch off your mobile phones or other distracting gadgets during the written exam or interview session.
  • It is prudent to not ask too many of questions or describe your projects elaborately as you not only waste their time but also can disturb their interview schedule.
  • Keep your answers precise and specific.
  • Wear comfortable and formal wear that will not offend the interviewers, or be deemed unprofessional.

General Category of Questions

  • Which was the most challenging engineering project assigned to you?
  • What was your most significant engineering contribution to the last engineering position you held?
  • What are the new engineering skills you have acquired in the recent past?
  • What is the overall objective in your career?
  • Please provide an instance where you used your engineering knowledge to solve a problem

Questions for Mechanical Engineers

  • Can you define the calculation methods here?
  • What are the different types of a turbine?
  • Please list the types of bearings used in conveyor pulleys.
  • Can you distinguish the concept between isometric and trimetric views?

Questions for Civil Engineers

  • What is the difference between opc cement and ferro cement?
  • Please tell us the code and calculation for de-shuttering the fat slabs.
  • What is the weight of a 8mm diameter steel with 1 meter length? Is there a formula for its calculation?

Questions for Electrical Engineers

  • What will be the voltage level between two capacitors?
  • Please design a simple circuit using combinational logic in order to double the output frequency.
  • Can you inform us on the types of flip-flops you know?
  • How will you convert D-latch into JK-latch and JK-latch into D-latch?

Questions for Electronics Engineers

  • Please tell us how analog electronics differ from digital electronics.
  • Please design a combinational circuit that can divide the clock frequency by 2.
  • What is the difference between the timing reports of a propagated and an ideal clock?
  • Why should we specify input and output delays while designing with a synopsis design compiler?