Interview Tips for Hospital Administration Jobs

Interviews for hospital administration jobs, can involve a very wide range of issues and skills, depending on the job. Most hospital administration job interviews are a mix of technical and behavioral questions. The scope of questions devolves on the core roles of the job.

Preparing for Hospital Administration Job Interviews

This is a competitive job market, and it’s advisable to prepare thoroughly for the hospital administration job interview, particularly if you haven’t done a job interview for a while.

Preparation includes:

Researching the job: Make sure you are familiar with the requirements of the job, systems, and administrative processes.

Preparation for interview questions: The hospital administration job interview includes a range of fundamental issues which it’s advisable to consider in advance, like problem solving questions, organizational relationships, and other basic situations.

When preparing for the hospital administration job interview, there are some useful tips for interviews on Hospital Jobs, a major US website specializing in health sector jobs. There’s a particularly useful page for tough questions which can help you visualize answers for your interview. There are also some questions with sample answers which can help your preparation.

Hospital Administration Job Interview Questions

These are some typical behavioral questions in a hospital administration job interview:

  • Give us an example of problem solving in context with a hospital administration job.

Use an example which is clearly relevant to the job for which you’re applying. The example should show skills and problem solving skills which are appropriate for the new job, and should also show how you deal with your responsibilities.

  • How do you work in a hospital administration team?

This is a very important question in behavioral job interviews. Your relationships with other team members are critical. You need to indicate your contributions to your team, and your interaction in dealing with work issues, and internal communications.

  • Tell us about how you organize your work in a hospital administration job role.

Organizational questions are intended to find out your working methods, and how you cope with deadlines, incoming work and maintain your productivity.

  • How do you deal with competing priorities?

A typical scenario in any hospital administration job is having multiple priorities. Your answer should show a structured approach in dealing with these issues, and ability to respond effectively to these situations.

  • How do you handle stress?

Stress is a reality in the workplace, and hospital administration jobs have their share of stresses. Your answer needs to indicate a clear personal method of coping with the daily issues.

  • How do you deal with difficult clients, internal and external?

In any hospital administration job, issues with clients and internal organizational situations may arise. The question is asking for information regarding your experience in this very important part of the role. You need to show a clear understanding of your responsibilities to the organization, as well as the clients.

Important: Your answer in this case has to comply with standard hospital operational procedures, and you must mention that you’re obliged to work within hospital guidelines, while providing the best service you can to clients.