Interview Tips for Restaurant Jobs

Interviews for restaurant jobs are often very different than interviews at a normal day job. Depending on the type of restaurant, owners and managers are looking for very specific characteristics in a new employee. Honesty is always the best policy because there is almost no way of knowing what the employer is seeking in a new employee. In order to ensure a successful interview and increase your chances of acquiring a restaurant job you must follow a few simple tips. 

Become Familiar with the Restaurant

In order to make the interview process go more smoothly, you must become familiar with each restaurant you are interviewing for. If you have never eaten at the restaurants you are interviewing with, you should schedule a time to visit each of them in order to become familiar with their methods of service, menu items and overall restaurant feel. If you are unfamiliar with the type of cuisine offered at the restaurant, research the dishes and learn as much as possible. Once you have become familiar with the restaurant, you will be able to get a better idea of what they are looking for in an employee.

Update Your Resume

Bringing a resume to a restaurant job interview is crucial. Update your resume and become comfortable with each of the components listed on it. Resumes are a great way to inform your potential employer of previous restaurant experience, but are also useful for showing that there is more to your background than serving. Education, philanthropy, and professional experience should all be interested on your resume, and the person interviewing you will be eager to discuss it all. 

Review Possible Interview Questions

Preparing for all possible restaurant job interview questions will lower the chances that the interview will ask you a question that will catch you off-guard. The interviewer will inevitably ask if you have any previous restaurant experience. Having no restaurant experience is not necessarily a bad thing because the restaurant can train you to their standards, and you will unlikely have any bad serving habits. Other general questions include; Do you have reliable transportation? What is your availability like? Every restaurant wants to employee reliable, energetic people in order to create a fun and healthy work atmosphere, so be sure to highlight yourself in those areas.  

Look Great: Be Yourself

Above all, an interview for a restaurant is designed to give the employer an idea of who you are. They want to know if your personality is going to be a good fit with the rest of the team. Be yourself! If you are funny by nature, don't be afraid to crack a few jokes. If you are comfortable and relaxed during your interview, your interviewer is likely to remain the same. Also, it is vital that you dress to impress. Your interviewer wants to know that you take the interview seriously, and as such, you should be wearing your best professional attire.