Interview Tips for Retail Management Jobs

The interview process for retail management jobs can be intimidating, but by completing a bit of interview preparation, you are sure to make a great impression. By preparing your resume, selecting a wardrobe, and going over a few potential interview questions, you will be prepared make a great impression at a retail management interview. 

Interview Preparation

An essential part of interview preparation includes preparing a solid resume. An ideal retail manager will have experience as a sales associate, and possibly experience managing others. Every resume should include your education background, starting with the most recent education. If you do not have a college degree or more than five years of experience, it is important to include high school activities on your resume. Other great resume building items include any volunteer work, special training, and academic awards. Most importantly, remember every part of your resume, and be able to answer any questions regarding it.

Another important component for the interview preparation process is learning everything there is to know about the company and their products. Look on their website, talk to friends who have worked there, and if possible, do a bit of browsing in their store to get an idea of their method of customer service. By showing that you have done your research, you will give the interviewer the impression that you really want the job. 

Review Potential Questions in Advance

The interviewer wants to know that you are going to be a great team leader, and will ask you questions in an attempt to figure out what type of manager you would be if given the position. An interviewer may also ask you to describe your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to always turn your weaknesses into strengths. Do not use a weakness that would lead the interviewer to believe that you are unreliable or a poor leader. Common questions would include:

  • "Do you have experience overseeing employees?"
  • "Describe a time when you have had to deal with conflict in the workplace." 
  • "Describe your retail experience"

Make a Great First Impression

Dress to impress. Men should wear a suit and tie. If a suit is not available, an alternative would be a nice sweater, dress slacks, and dress shoes. Women should also opt for a suit with a nice blouse, or a nice dress. Err on the side of too professional over not professional enough. If the retail store is known for its cutting edge style, try to show that you have a great sense of style that would fit with their overall theme. 

Be Confident

Confidence is key in retail management job interviews. Retail managers come in contact with customers several times throughout the day. It is important to show that you are friendly, direct, and confident. Eye contact is essential, followed by a strong (but not too strong) hand shake. Confidence is what sets the best applicants apart from the mediocre applicants. But remember, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance; try not to cross it.