IQ2 Why do you want this job?

The question is a quality control. Depending on the level of the job, the answer is expected to show initiative, and is compared to the other answers.

So your reason for wanting the job does matter. This is another question which requires some actual thought.

The need for a job when you don't have one is obvious, and it's not an answer.

If it's a job you really want, the best answer is the honest one. If you're experienced, you can make it sound good, too.

I've been looking at a lot of jobs which aren't up to the standards of this one. From a career perspective, this is a big step for me. I see a lot of opportunities, and some challenges, but I know this is the job I want. This is the right move, for me.

If you're going for a job which isn't exactly your or anyone else's idea of a dream job, you can be honest, and practical.

This is a good, solid, job. It's the right sort of job, one that gives me the stability and consistency I want. I can make a commitment to this job, for those reasons.

There's a variation on this question, but it's really about the same thing, Why you want the job. This is a question phrased with some negative implications about the job.

It applies to high intensity jobs, sometimes shift jobs, where they have a high turnover of people who can't take the work conditions. For experienced people it's a question that needs a convincing answer to stand out in comparison to other candidates.

You know the job conditions, the shifts and the responsibilities. How do you feel about this work?

I don't mind taking responsibility, or hard work. I know how to live with the shifts. I've done this sort of work before, I've got a lot of experience at the coal face, and I'm used to the demands. It's not the job for everybody, so I know what you mean, but really, I want this job because I have the experience. I don't see any real difficulties.

For inexperienced people, you have to make a case for yourself.

I'm trained, I have the skills, and I can organize myself pretty well. These are all parts of the realities of the job, so I just have to adapt to what the job requires. I'll ask questions, and learn how to deal with the issues properly. I know this job has some challenges, and it's up to me to meet those challenges.

Don't give any answer which implies you have experience you don't have, but make it clear you're going to make a real effort.