Job Interview Question Categories

Interview questions can be divided into different categories. the following are examples of questions that a candidate can anticipate.

Unrestricted or open-ended questions

'Share some ...' or Give us some background on these questions do not have right or wrong answers. candidates should consider the decisive factors as set out in the job requirements

Factual or specific questions

These questions often have a yes or a no answer. Normally the questions are based on facts and asked to allow the candidates to express their familiarity and experience on the subject. the factual question determines the candidates proficiency level and experience.

Theoretical questions

If the following should happen. or How will you respond to the following These questions will measure the candidates capability to identify a problem or situation and provide an immediate solution.

The assuming question

'Do you have adequate experience.' the logical answer to this question would seem to be a simple yes or no. the candidate should under no circumstances only answer yes or no. provide the interviewer with illustrations to motivate your response.

Twin question

This question will consist of two or more components and will be related to the same theme. The candidate should be clear on what the question entails and if unsure ask the interviewer to reiterate the question.

The recital question

'How did you'. The candidate should answer this question with examples of previous occurrences to sketch a picture of expected future performance. be prepared and have examples on hand to illustrate your skill level and how company will profit from your experience. when answering the recital questions during an interview you should remember to describe the situation and the problem that was caused because of the situation depict the action that was taken to handle the task or problem. Finally describe the results or outcome of the situation after you took action and addressed the problem.