Job Interview Question: Why are a better salesman than anyone else we could get?

You're a salesman. Now sell me on why you're a better salesman than anyone else we could get.

They're not kidding, in this case. Sales is one of the toughest careers, and it's ultra competitive. A good salesman will come back with a good answer, and it'll sound something like this:

I am the best. I can prove it. I have great sales figures, and I've been working in the industry for years, consistently. I know the product, I know the retailers, I know the wholesalers, I know the manufacturers.

These are the sales figures for the industry for last year. As you can see, total sales of these units were 10,112. I sold 1,032 last year. That's over 10% of the whole market. There just aren't any other sales people who can make that claim. I know that, because I know all the top sales people, too.

That's a professional salesperson, and very probably the one who got that job. If you're being asked for proof of your better skills, have the proof available. Don't invent figures, don't lie, and don't get pushy like the salesperson unless you're in that profession.