Job Interview Question: Why do you want this job?

This question is sometimes asked in a way that it actually sounds disparaging to the job. It's like they're suggesting the job is beneath you. It's a perfectly reasonable question, and a very relevant one.

OK, why do you want the job?

It's a question you should have asked yourself when you applied. It's also a question for which you should be well prepared in advance. You can always use the answer as part of the reasons why you should get the job, at the end of the interview, if you're not asked.

There's a lot of good reasons, if you look for them:

  • Career advancement
  • It's a much better job than the one you're now doing and there's scope for promotion
  • To develop your skills for further advancement
  • To get good experience and depth in your profession
  • Because you've researched the career paths of others in the company who've gone on to achieve a lot in their careers
  • You feel you must have direct hands-on experience in this role for your career.

As you can see, there's no lack of good reasons, all of them quite true.

The logic here is that you do have a motive for wanting the job beyond just wanting a job. Motivated people are considered far superior employees than someone just looking for an income.

The motivated people stay, because they have a reason to stay. The others move on when they find something else. Replacing staff is a very expensive, annoying, business. Employers can try to spare themselves the problem by editing out anyone with an unconvincing reason for wanting the job.