Job Interview Question: Why should we give you this job?

Your answer will be personal, effective and realistic. Instead of a sort of retaliatory rant, you'll answer in point form:

  • I have the all the essential qualifications.
  • I have all the desirable qualifications.
  • I have more than the required amount of experience.
  • I've told you about some of my achievements, you can compare them with those of other applicants.
  • I've worked in management in this field, and have additional experience.
  • I have excellent contacts in the industry, including my referees, and they can tell you more about my abilities.

There's no comeback to an answer like that. They have to check your references, but they already know your qualifications. You've told them about your achievements, and they know your experience.

So why ask that question? This is part of the pattern mentioned earlier, think a bit more about it.