Job Interview technique

There are several interview technique s one can use during the actual interview

Attention Aware Interview technique :

Limit you amount of talking. Interviews have only a limited attention time, to be specific there is only about 80 seconds where you have the interviews attention. After you start replying to an Interview Question

The back ground to the Interview technique is :

As you start your reply to the interview question, you interviews has full attention. As more time passes his attention is decreasing rapidly. After 60 seconds, you have basically lost him/her. So aim to deliver the answer in less than 60 seconds. Delivering your highlight after 60 seconds will not necessarily reach the interviewers head! If you are not convinced by the level of detail you have given. Ask: "Do you want me to expand more on this?"

Ask Questions Interview Technique :

Engage the interviewer by asking questions. Asking Questions improves your relations with the interviewer, and you will be more easily remembered after the interview. Interviewers are impressed by the interest you show in the job, sometimes even more the selling points you have. If you can manage to get your interviewer talking about himself, you are doing great!