Job Negotiation

Searching for a job may seem complicated and tedious. But if you are prepared and follow a few simple steps, you could make it seem like a cakewalk and get the best deal for yourself.

  • Be aware of the market rate or salary that's being offered to people with your educational qualifications and skills in the ob market
  • Do find out the salary range that's being offered to different positions across the company by talking to a secretary or an employee in the company
  • It's not advisable to accept a job immediately after it is offered. Do evince interest in the job and give them a timeframe in which you will get back to them
  • It's important that you analyze the job offer in terms of your requirement, long-term career prospects. List out all theadvantages and disadvantages
  • Be firm and sure. If this is the right job for you, go ahead and make it clear. If you have your own doubts, don't hesitate to meet again and discuss issues that are ambiguous.
  • Remember you are free to request and renegotiate issues relating to salary, work hours, stock options, day care facility and anything that's bothering you.
  • Negotiate professionally.
  • If the offer does not match what you had in mind, tell them so, but let them know you are still keen on the job if there's a better deal.
  • Always keep your answer open ended so that you stand a chance in the future.

In case you are turned down, don't fret. Remember, failure is the stepping-stone to success. Treat this as a learning experience. Let them know that in case there are openings in the future, you'd still be interested to work for the company. Remain positive, stay cool and keep trying. For if you don't try at all, you have already lost the battle. If you do try, there is always a chance that you will win!