Keep yourself informed after your job interview

Stay in touch for further news. Most of the time, the results will be announced within a week at best. However, sometimes the background security check-ups take a bit longer and hence you might get the answer you are so anxious to hear in a fortnight. Instead of waiting, you could stay in touch with the reception or any person from the interview panel, if that is encouraged. Your enquiries should be polite and show positive interest.

You should aim at projecting your interest as 'happy to work with the company' and not 'desperate to get a job'. There is a very thin line between the two impressions, hence you should be careful which one you project. Be direct in your approach and after your enquiry is over, ask when it suitable to call again to find out about further developments. This will help you to space your calls and not become a daily pest. You will also know approximately how much time it will take for them to come up with an answer.