Logistics Manager Job Interview Tips

The logistics manager job interview, is a professional level interview, based on a very wide range of tasks. In most cases the interviews will need to cover the entire range of functions of the position.

You can see a good representative mix of logistics manager jobs on Fleethelper, a major US transport jobs site. These job ads can also give a good indication of packages, duties, and ranges of options in the logistics field.

Logistics Manager Job Interview Tips

This is a very competitive professional field, so you’ll need to give yourself time to prepare thoroughly, working section by section of the job description.

These sections include:

  • Supply chain entity coordination
  • Staff management, evaluation, and hiring processes
  • Financial management
  • Business management
  • Scheduling
  • Operational management of deliveries and receiving goods
  • Warehouse operations and systems

It’s also strongly advised to research the employer, and ensure you can show a good working knowledge of the business and operational issues to interviewers.

Logistics Manager Job Interview Questions

Please note: Interviews may have to be done in stages, covering specific sections of the job responsibilities.

This is a broad based set of sample questions.

  • This position requires familiarity with a fully automated warehouse, including an integrated accounts database. Can you tell us about your experience working with these systems?

This question requires a full answer detailing particular systems you’ve worked with in the past. The interviewers evaluate this experience in relation to the job requirements.

  • How do you motivate staff?

Motivation is a key management requirement, and your answer should stress strong values like positive reinforcement for performance, training in higher duties, and other incentives.

  • Give us an example of client relationship management in a problem scenario in which the client has a legitimate reason for complaint.

Customer relationships are a key point in logistics manager jobs. This is also a problem solving question, requiring you to illustrate the situation, define the customer relationship issues, and how you solved the problem.

  • How do you promote Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace?

OHS is critically important in all areas of supply chain work. You need to cite a working example of full OHS awareness programs, including training where required.

  • On what basis would you fire a staff member?

The only lawful bases for dismissal are well defined into types:

  • Misconduct
  • Performance
  • Theft or fraud (A real problem in supply chains)
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

Important: Please note that you must also refer to employer guidelines and staff policies for these issues.

  •  Give us an example of a performance management method which provides staff options for additional work.

Some forms of performance management encourage increased participation by staff, involving training programs, extra duties on a career track basis, and other incentives. Your answer needs to outline clear standards in this approach.

  • What do you bring to our business, in terms of values?

This is an open ended question, and you can use it very effectively as a statement of your abilities. You will need to address each area of the logistics manager job’s responsibilities, showing strong values and experience in each area.