Management Job Interview Tips

If you are trying to land a job as a manager, then it's important to be prepared with management job interview tips so that you can convey that you are ready for the challenges of a management career. Being a manager in today's world means that you have what it takes to handle the tough decisions that managers make daily. Interviewers often want to know if you can respond fairly and efficiently as a manager so they ask questions that deal with difficult situations. As you get ready to interview for a new job in management, here are some common management interview questions you can expect to be asked.

Tell Me More About You?

One of the most common questions that any manager can expect to get asked at an interview involves finding out more about you as a person. The more comfortable you are with divulging information about yourself tells the interviewer how well you relate to others. It's best to keep your private life separate from others at work. However, it's always good to tell a few things about yourself that convey the message that you are passionate about both your personal and work life. Answer with some basic information about yourself such as where you are from, where you attending college and then include something you like to do as a hobby, preferably something that involves physical activity or community service.

What Did You Do in Your Last Job?

Since you've already provided an in-depth resume, it's not necessary to list your job duties when asked this company. Focus more on the things that you were able to accomplish in previous jobs, especially those things that relate directly to management aptitudes and abilities. Provide an interesting story about something you did that demonstrated you went over and beyond the call of duty at work. Be sure to emphasize that you care a great deal about your work and the people you serve.

How Do You Deal with Conflict?

This is often a tricky question to answer, especially when it comes to management roles. Managers are often put into situations where conflict is not being managed well by subordinates and so they must step in to find the best solution that works for everyone. Be sure to talk about the ways in which you have made a raving fan out of an irate customer, or dealt with employee conflicts to form a more cohesive team effort.

Do You Enjoy Working as a Manager?

Of course you enjoy working as a manager! This is one of those questions that may stump you in a management job interview if you are not prepared how to answer it. Be ready to list the reasons why you are a natural leader and how you enjoy using your skills to manage others. Give examples of why working as a manager has so many advantages and allows you to make a difference in the business world.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Company?

Never answer this question by stating you want to earn more money or power. The best answer to why you are leaving your current company for a new management job is that you have learned all you can from your present job and would like to explore the things that the company you are interviewing for has in store for you. Let the interviewer know that you bring a great deal of experience with you in management that the company can utilize to help reach goals and objectives for the company.