Most Common Job Interview Questions for a Secretary

If you will be attending a job interview as a secretary, you might be interested in knowing the most common job interview questions you might be asked. Take some time to think about these questions before the job interview, so that you can answer with confidence and professionalism. When formulating your answers, remember that employers will probably want someone who is organized, reliable, loyal and personable.

Office Skills

As a secretary, you will need a variety of office skills including answering telephones, so you may be asked:"What is your experience is with multi-line phones?" Your knowledge about computers and other electronic equipment will also be valuable to employers. If you don't know something, it's better to admit it than to pretend you know. Just emphasize that you are a very fast learner and are confident that you will have no trouble mastering whatever you need to for the job.

Other questions related to office skills you are likely to be asked include: "How much experience do you have with filing or fax machines?" "What would you do if the copier jammed?" They might also want to know about any short hand or 10 key abilities you may have. In addition, you could also be asked about your writing and proofing skills since secretaries are often asked to type letters and other correspondence. Some employers may also want to know about your experience planning meetings or making travel arrangements, especially if they have to do a great deal of business-related travel.

Job History

Often employers will ask questions about your previous jobs and how you think your prior work experience relates to the job you are applying for. One question you will definitely have to be ready for is "Why did you leave your last place of employment?" or you may be asked hard questions like "How would you handle a demanding boss?" or "Can you tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult co-worker?" Be sure to answer honestly.

Your interviewer will notice any gaps in your employment history on your resume, so make sure you have a ready explanation for why you were without work for any extended period of time.

Other Questions

Along with asking about your office skills and job experience, potential employers can ask any number of other questions. Some of these include: "Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?" "Can you work overtime or on weekends?" "Why should we hire you rather than someone else?"

There are many more questions that may be asked, but keep in mind that the employer is trying to get an idea of who you are. Answer them honestly and let them know who you are, what you do, what you like and why you want to work there.

While the above list does not include all the questions you could possibly be asked it represents some of the most common questions. Be prepared with good answers to impress the person who is interviewing you.