Nanny Interview Questions and Tips

If you are going to interview for a nanny position, you might be interested in having a few tips to help you answer some of the questions you will be asked.  You also may be wondering if there any questions you should ask your prospective employer before you decide to accept the job.

Phone Questions

Often you will begin your communications with your potential employer by speaking on the phone. If so, it’s important to give your full attention to what the person on the other end of the line is saying. Don’t multi-task (check email, cook dinner, etc.) during the call. Also you will have more positive energy if you smile while you are talking.

Probably the employer will talk with you about the basic job requirements to pre-qualify you before arranging a meeting in person. Don’t be surprised if he asks you questions to determine how much experience you have as a nanny. You will probably be asked questions like: “How long have you worked with children?” “What age children have you worked with in the past?” “Do you have references of other families you have worked for as a nanny?

A couple of initial questions you will want to ask in a phone interview are how much the pay is and what the hours are since if the pay is too little or the hours won’t work for your schedule then there is really no point in continuing the conversation.

Personal Interview

If the employer has school age children, he may want someone who can pick his kids up from school, so he may ask if you drive and have your own car. He also may want to see a valid driver’s license as well as up-to-date insurance coverage on your vehicle.

Most parents are concerned about the safety of their kids these days, so many will want their nanny to be certified in CPR. Many parents are also interested in making sure that their kids have the best education possible. As a result, they may ask about your educational background and your capability to help their kids with their studies.

You'll probably be asked about your last childcare experience and why you are no longer doing that job. Prepare a reasonable but truthful answer that you believe will be satisfactory. Conversely, you should ask about the last nanny the family had and why they are currently looking for somebody else.

Some other standard questions you can expect to be asked include: When can you start? How long would you be available to stay in this position? Would you consent to a background check?

For yourself, you should ask the employer about his expectations concerning what this particular nanny job will entail. He may expect you to cook, clean, do laundry, pick up dry cleaning, grocery shop, etc. You need to be clear about whether these things will be part of your job or not included in the services you are offering.

One important tip for the face-to-face interview is that you make sure you are appropriately dressed. You want to wear something conservative but comfortable. Since the potential employer may ask you to interact with his children, just make sure you are wearing an outfit that is conducive to playing with kids as well as one that you don't mind getting messed up.

If you like working with kids, then a nanny position could be the perfect job opportunity for you. Just be prepared to impress your potential employer during the interview process so that he will see that you are the best person for the job and ultimately hire you.