Objection to employment

While it is true that employers hold interviews to find a good employee, it is becoming more common for an employer to seek out a reason to disqualify an applicant. This is because many applicants have been found to hide employment problems from potential employers. And while it may not be fair to everyone, you will need to be aware of any potential employment problems which may cause an employer not to hire you. You also need to be honest about any issues you may have and be ready to discuss them if the employer asks.

Here are the most common employment problems which cause applicants to be passed over for a job opening.

  • No Experience - unless you are applying for an entry-level job, this is a big issue. You need to show that you have skills which can be used to get past this problem
  • Poor Grades - most employers will see this as either you are not intelligent or lazy mainly because it shows lack of concentration and ability to use information
  • No Degree - most positions today require some form of certification; if you don't have a diploma, GED or degree from a school this could appear as lack of ambition or an inability to complete goals
  • Being Fired - being terminated from a job is always cause for concern; there needs to be a very good reason and a reason it will not happen again
  • Job Hopping - the concern here is that you don't stick to any one job too long and that if hired you will be leaving in a few months
  • No Employment Focus - resumes that show jobs in multiple fields show a lack of focus and/or desperation
  • Poor References - having references is important; having references from previous employers is more so. If an employer reveals that they would not hire you again, the question of why will be asked. If you don't have former employers, use volunteer references
  • Criminal Record - this question is on many applications; and if lied about and found later it becomes even worse. You will need a convincing answer as to how this will not happen again
  • Over Qualified - this usually happens when someone seems to be applying to a position below their skill level. You will need to explain why you are downgrading yourself.

Without a good reason not to, any one of these employment problems will cause you to be passed over. Because of this, you need to be able to put a positive spin on the problem by addressing two key points:

  • The problem is in the past
  • The reason the problem is no longer an issue

These two points are the only way for you to convince a potential employer that whatever employment problems they may have found are not going to cause them to regret hiring you for the job. If you have employment problems in the past, discuss what you have done, or are doing, which makes these problems no longer an issue in your life. This helps employers see that you have realized you made mistakes and have taken steps to correct the employment problem.