Overcoming the word no in job searching

Rejections in a job search are common. Consider yourself in the role of a salesman, you are selling your abilities and experience to employers who are your customers. Any salesman will tell you they face more rejections every day than they make a sale. How do you overcome rejection during your job search?

Rejections are a normal part of life. Here are a few simple statistics which may help:

  • For every positive response there are at least 10 or more rejections
  • If you ask a question to many people, most will say 'no'
  • If you ask the question often enough, or to the same people often enough, someone will say 'yes'.
  • Rejections don't matter when all you need is one 'yes'.

A rejection during the job search simply means that the position wasn't suited to your abilities at the time. It is not personal, nor is it meant to be mean so you should not take rejection as such.

Objections are another type of rejection, but overcoming this form of rejection is not that hard. It is simply a matter of turning a negative into a positive. If you are focusing the meeting on the employer, any objections will mean one of the following:

  • Not now
  • I don't have enough information
  • I don't have the right information

This is the opening for you to present your skills and abilities as a potential solution. Here are some common objections you may come across and how to handle them

  • You don't have the experience we want - find out what type of experience they do want
  • You are overqualified - find out why and what makes you overqualified
  • We are looking for someone with 'x' years experience - find out why that number s important
  • You don't have experience in this type of business - find out what qualifies as experience
  • Why do you want to work here - find out why people want to work there

The simple way to overcome objections is to turn them into a question which requires the employer to answer, thereby getting them to do the thinking and talking again. Once they provide an answer, use this to overcome the rejection by providing a solution or example of your ability relating to the situation.

The end result when dealing with rejection is to accomplish two things:

  • Not to take it personally as it is simply a business decision
  • Find out why there is a rejection and offer a solution which solves the problem

During your job search you will be overcoming rejection on a daily basis. Many careers deal with rejection and objection every day such as writers, salesmen and negotiators. Remembering that it only takes one positive response to get results will offer a constant hope for future success.