Physical Therapist Assistant Job Interview Tips

Physical therapist assistant jobs are a great way to start out a career in physical therapy. This is a rewarding path, you will surely enjoy. However, you must know that potential employers look for educated individuals who know how to communicate and show professionalism.

So where do I Start?

Next, you will find a series of tips to conduct a successful physical therapist assistant interview. The first step is right here, read as much information on the subject as possible. Being prepared is always a plus. Do not just read interview tips, read lots of information on what is expected from a physical therapist assistant.

Read, Practice, and then Read some more

Once you’ve gathered a certain amount of significant information on the job, practice your interview. Though some people may find it plain boring, role playing gives you a tremendous advantage: You’ll be ready to answer any questions.

Once you got that part of the drill, read some information on the company, hospital or nursing home that’s hiring. It’s always good to show that you care and that you are interested enough to research your potential workplace. Get acquainted with the company’s values and mission and let your potential employer know you appreciate them.

Education is the most Important Asset

It’s true; your education will make a difference. Be sure to share all your training experience in physical therapy and connect that to real life. How can you be an asset to the company? How can your knowledge make a difference at the end of the day?

Also, mention any other non related training you have. Are you good with computers? Do you play an instrument? Are you an artist? All of this can set you apart from the rest of the candidates and they show what kind of person you are. If you practice some kind of art, you probably are a creative person with good problem solving skills.

It’s also very important to speak in a polite and correct manner. Avoid the use of slang and informal language, since it is not appropriate for an interview context. Though you may think this is totally unrelated to physical therapy, the truth is employers love educated employees.

Plus, good communication skills may help you show you know what you are doing and what you are talking about. Being knowledgeable is definitely a plus, when it comes to physical therapy, especially for assistants, who need to be ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions say more than a thousand words. Make sure you are not late, that is, arrive early to your interview. 10 to 15 minutes is an appropriate time frame. Plus, you can use the extra time before the interview to relax.

You appearance should be neat and you should display a positive attitude. Remember, you are marketing yourself. You need to show your potential employer you are the best physical therapist assistant out there. Your image and attitude say a lot.