Physical Therapist Job Interview Tips

When a hot resume and cover letter have earned you an interview for a physical therapist job, you might begin to think about preparing for the interview. Being well-prepared will immensely increase your self-confidence and your chances of being selected. To set you apart as someone specially suited for this particular physical therapist job, you need to prepare for the interview and practice thoroughly.

1: Practice before the Interview Day

Most of the common questions asked in the interview are meant to discover your academic and special skills, work experience, coping ability, career goals, professional and personal attitudes, and suitability for the present job. Prepare answers to questions that are likely to pop up during a physical therapist job interview. Job sites like Hospital Jobs Online give you good tips on how to deal with the most frequently asked questions in the interview. Rehearse your answers by speaking aloud in front of family or a mirror.

2: Make a Good Impression

You want to make a good impression on the interviewer. Follow these recommendations:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Being late creates a negative impression and makes you feel rushed. Plus, you can give yourself a final touch-up to look neat, well-groomed, confident, relaxed and less nervous.
  • Dress appropriately. Dressing formally in conventional shades will make you look dignified and professional.
  • Limit your jewelry and avoid anything loud or jarring. Avoid overwhelming perfumes or excessive makeup.
  • Nails and hair must be clean and well-groomed, shoes clean and polished.
  • Carry a neat folder to hold extra resumes, reference letters and so forth.
  • Be relaxed. Sit without fidgeting while you are awaiting your turn to be interviewed. Stay calm and poised.

3: Carry Yourself with Confidence


  • Once your turn comes, enter the room briskly, with confidence, with a smile on your face, and with no slouching or dragging steps. Stand erect and greet the interviewer politely. In a physical therapist job interview, the interview may be looking for your calmness  and self-assurance because you may have to work with difficult patients and situations.
  • Offer a firm handshake and while you speak, keep eye contact.
  • Talk in a low, but distinct and audible, voice and use formal language--no slang or expletives.
  • Show a positive attitude all through the interview. Your body language, voice tone and attitude all should send positive vibes. Sit erect, look cheerful and answer with enthusiasm.

4: Approach Questions Professionally

First you will have to introduce yourself briefly and talk about your background, education, experience--and maybe why you are the best candidate. This question should be one for which you already prepared an answer. All well-established health care units and hospitals desire highly qualified individuals for physical, speech or occupational therapy jobs. Since you have applied for this physical therapist job, you must prove you are the qualified individual they're looking for.

Now it will be time for some of the common questions for which you have already prepared. Answer the questions as naturally and spontaneously as possible. The interviewer should not feel you are reeling off from rote.

One kind of interviewing may be a calculated confrontational approach to test your patience, interpersonal skills, communication skills and people-handling skills. Treat the questions as routine and answer with poise, without reacting to the confrontational approach. For example you can convince the interviewer how well you can connect with the patients and what actually made you choose the career of physical therapy.

Pay attention and listen carefully to the full question without interruption. Answer thoroughly and confidently. Brief and to-the-point answers are the key to make a good impression. You should not ramble or go off in another direction.

At the end of the interview, you will have a chance to ask your own questions about services and clientele, training programs, new products and more.

Finally you will supply references if the application form or interviewer asks for them.

5: End the Physical Therapist Job Interview Well

Thank the interviewer at the end of physical therapist job interview and politely ask when you can call to know the outcome of the interview. Reiterate again your keen interest to join the team and contribute to the company.

Find out the mailing address of the interviewer and send a hand-written thank-you letter the next day.