Planning responses to employability issues

Planning on how you will be responding to issues before the interview is a positive method to possible questions during an interview. This helps you prepare for responses to any employability issues raised by the employer. Don't practice a set answer to any question, but have a general idea of what you intend to say. Try not to have your answers sound 'canned'' or fabricated. Be familiar but also be flexible with what you want to tell the employer should they appear concerned about any issues.

Three Key Points to Address

When you are plan your responses to issues there are three key points you want to cover with each answer.

  • What changed in your situation
  • What have you done to overcome the behavior
  • What lessons you have learned or experience gained from the issue

In this manner of staging the answers to employability issues you assure the employer that you are not only aware of the problem, but you have learned from the experience and have made changes to behavior so that the issue is no longer a part of your life.

Answer Tips

Responding to issues the employer has questions about requires being relatively calm and clear during the interview. In answering concerns about issues and employability, keep in mind four tips which will help keep things in control.

  • Keep answers honest but not stupid; tell the truth in the most positive manner possible without confessing more than you need to
  • Do not expose all your weaknesses or negatives at the interview; keep your comments related to the work situation
  • Be concise, focused and to the point during the interview
  • Avoid talking too much, rambling out of nervousness or hogging the conversation

General Tips

Beyond being able to answer concerns favorably, there is another issue which should be planned for before going into an interview. This would be where the employer has concerns but does not bring them up during the interview. While these concerns may not be voiced, they will need to be answered. Here are some general tips to help with this situation.

  • If you believe the employer is being hesitant about a certain issue during the interview, take note of this.
  • If there is a positive answer to a possible employability issue, be sure to bring it up and give the issue a positive notation in the employer's mind.
  • Don't wait until the end of the interview to bring up any employability issues even if there is a positive ending to it.
  • Don't start off with an employability issue.

The entire focus on your part during an interview should be putting a positive face on any issues or concerns. Responding to issues dealing with employability require a small amount of salesmanship since you are attempting to sell your ability and your current benefits to the employer.