Post resume follow up

When you send out your CV and cover letter you hope to be contacted by employers who are interested or at least polite. Unfortunately the responsibility of following up after you send out a resume is yours and not the employers.

Following up after sending a resume can be viewed positively in two ways:

  • It assures you that your material has arrived and tells you what the status of the resume is
  • It allows you to present yourself to the employer as more than just a name

There are a few considerations to remember when calling a potential employer while following up:

  • Do not use a memorized canned speech. These are called 'elevator speeches' and can offend people as you appear pushy and self-centered.
  • Talking to the employer instead of at the employer will gain more acceptance of you then anything else.
  • If you want to be considered, say as little about yourself as possible and allow the resume and cover letter to speak for you

The Truth About Receptionists

  • Find out the name of the receptionist and use their name
  • After establishing a rapport ask for a favor such as 'do me a favor, see if Mr. X is able to talk for a moment'
  • Treat the receptionist as a resource instead of an obstacle and you can gain much information

Do not push yourself onto anyone at the company. Do not push for information or answers because this will serve to alienate people even if you do get hired.

Voice Mail

When following up after sending a resume you may encounter the office voice mail. There are several reasons for this including some of these:

  • A central phone routing system
  • The receptionist routes calls directly to voice mails
  • Traveling managers who check their voice mail daily
  • Multiple persons working off of a central trunk line

If you encounter this situation there are some guidelines to follow after sending out a resume:

  • Leave a polite, brief voice mail giving your name, the reason calling and a callback number
  • Call back one week later if there is no response
  • If no one calls after the second call back, cross the name off your list and move on

If you can, when given a menu of options try '0' as this sometimes gets you to a person. If you are told to call back for any reason, get a date and possible time frame to make the call. If you get voice mail again, move on.

Following up after sending out a resume should not be done immediately. Always allow five business days for the material to be delivered and glanced at by the employer. Conduct yourself in a professional businesslike manner; smile while on the phone and speak as if you are in the room with the other person.