Prejudice in job interviews

Standard statement:

They're bigots, they would never employ me.

Sadly, that may still be true in some cases.

But if it is true, they're not just bigots, they're fools.

Prejudice, in the form of discrimination, is illegal. There is no real defence for any form of discrimination in the workplace. There are serious penalties.

There's another possibility, however, and you need to think about it.

Did you really do your best, in the interview?

Were your answers OK?

Because if you didn't do the interview properly, you've found a problem, and it will remain a problem until you fix it.

There's a simple way of finding out.

Talk to someone who you know isn't a bigot, or some other form of lunatic.

Explain the situation, and make sure it wasn't your interview performance.

This can be very serious for your career, if you've encountered a situation where you've simply assumed one reason for not getting a job. Careers can go very sour if you don't get the interview process right.

You need to be sure.

There's no excuse for prejudice.

But you could be seriously damaging your chances of getting jobs, if there are any other reasons.

Important: If you want to appeal, you need to be sure your interview performance won't sabotage your appeal. Be sure you're absolutely right. Get some help checking out your facts.

Women in the workforce

It's equally true, for some equally incomprehensible, and equally illegal, reason that women do still suffer from discrimination.

This is another case where your interview content is vitally important.

The same scenario for prejudice does apply in this case. If your interview performance was good enough, you may well have grounds for complaint.

Make sure of that. Get some advice from someone who can give trustworthy answers to your questions.

Interview performances, generally

Nobody puts on a star performance every time.

This is just a fact of life. Most people come out of interviews with at least some idea of anything they may have done badly.

The trick is to really learn from experience.

Forget the folklore about interviews. The really important information is all about facts. Ask questions, and get answers you can use.

Learn, and you'll live.