Professional dress for an interview tips

Men and women can make use of these professional dress tips for interviews. Although the first impression shouldn't count all that much, interviewers also look at the way you dress. Corporate environments have changed a lot over the past few years, but dressing two levels up, are still more suitable than dressing down.

Professional dress to reach for that management position

If you dress appropriately, the interviewer can also see that you are willing to take extra steps in reaching project goals. Your professional dress is an indication of your ability to use what you have to your disposal to win over the client. The following professional dress tips for the interview should come in handy:

  • Dress for a higher position.
  • Dress more formal than you what would normally wear to work.
  • You indicate that you understand the seriousness of an interview, the position and the company.
  • If you have doubts about clothes ? then go without.
  • Conservative and thus professional is better than being too liberal in your dress code.
  • Request a copy of the company's corporate attire code once you start working. Never assume all companies have the same policies.
  • Professional dress tips for the preparation

  • Contact the company's Human Resources division before you attend the interview and request information on the appropriate attire for their company.
  • Arrange for a visit to get a feel of the company's accepted attire.
  • Never wear open shoes, shoulders or buttons if you are a female.
  • Never wear a short sleeve, shorts or sneakers if you are a male.
  • Polish your shoes ? they form part of your outfit.
  • Rather than having a handbag, take a small briefcase or a portfolio holder.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean, buttons worked on properly, and clothes ironed.
  • Fit the whole outfit the day before the interview. Don't wait until the morning of the interview, you don't want unpleasant surprises.
  • Always keep an extra pair of panty hose for incase they rip on the way to the interview.
  • Keep nail polish and accessories extra for incase one nail chips.
  • Make sure your breath is fresh at all times.
  • Conduct proper professional dress code research for the particular industry as banking and finance for instance, have more conservative attire than advertising, IT and sales.
  • It may all just be window dressing, but consider how the right display of a product can convince you to buy it. The same applies for professional dress code for an interview. It is part of the sales package and should be used as such.