Questions about yourself in an interview

While getting interviews you will get to answer a lot of questions about yourself as well. These questions usually seek out to learn about your personal traits that would in normal circumstances complement or repulse the present job's needs and requirements. Hence, every answer you give should be based on the following principles:

  • It should show your human side: Many times you tend to go out too much in showing how much you are professionally matched that you totally leave out the human side. It is good to show that you like good music (whatever is your preference is good music), a good movie or sports events. Exposing the fact that you have interests outside the job's purviews indicate that you are a balanced person - a person that can be counted upon
  • Be candid at times: When faced with questions such as 'Did you fail at your job' or 'Did you face any difficult to achieve tasks in the past' it is good sometimes to say 'YES'. Fallibility and acceptance that you are fallible, sometimes makes you a mature and dependable person to have around. However, if the job entails life-and-death matters such as computer coordination of trains, or medical apparatus life support - then an acceptance of failure and you being matter-of-fact about will totally throw off your chances.
  • Showcase your other talents: Talents such as painting, poetry writing, music composing, etc show that an individual is highly creative. If you have these traits and have an opportunity to talk about it, by all means share this information with your interviewer. Creativity is never out of place, whatever the job you are applying for is.
  • Answer to the point: Questions such as 'tell me about yourself' should be wrapped up in about 2-3 minutes and should represent a highlight or summary of the resume, unless otherwise indicated by the interviewer. Do not volunteer personal information unless specifically asked, as this might not interest the interviewer and dilute your professional traits and fit.
  • Be positive: You will definitely be asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Do not go overboard about either. While stating your strengths state maximum five that are best matching to the requirements of the present job; while answering about weaknesses make sure you only name one and that should be put as a trait that you have identified and already working on.
  • Be focused: Many times you will be asked about your goals and ambitions. This question is actually a trick question. The interviewer is definitely not interested to know your real personal goals; he/she seeks to find out your fit in the long run in the company - so stay focused and look at it from their point of view rather than yours in your answer.

Though talking about self directly can be embarrassing for many, questions about yourself should be answered confidently and with pride. The picture that comes across should be of a person who not only knows himself/herself but also is comfortable with whom he/she is. A confident and balanced person is almost always good news to any company.