School Secretary Job Interview Tips

A school secretary job can involve complex tasks and special skills. There’s no doubt a school secretary needs to multitask: The secretary does everything from answering the phone to taking care of the sick or medical room.

But a school secretary job entails much more than multitasking. If you are trying to find a job as a school secretary, you may need to know a few things to be prepared for these kinds of interviews.

1: Know the Skills a School Secretary Job Requires

Your potential employer will look for a candidate who offers a certain number of skills as well as a specific kind of character and personality. A school secretary is expected to be well-organized and to have a methodical character. Every detail is important, so showing attention to detail during your interview will definitely score you a few extra points.

You will probably be asked how you work under pressure conditions. You should know that you are expected to work well under pressure, but at the same time to be calm and patient. Flexibility and teamwork are other skills important for this kind of job.

2: Be Prepared Beforehand

In addition a school secretary is expected to have good communications skills. Your communication skills will definitely show during your job interview, so be prepared. How can you get ready for your interview? Find a friend to role-play with you. Have him or her ask you typical interview questions and practice your answers.

In this way, you will not be caught by surprise during your actual interview, and you will avoid hesitations and fillers, which make you sound unprofessional. Phrasing is also important; don’t speak fast and don’t speak too slowly either. Take a calm and casual tone that sounds real and convincing.

3: Display the Right Attitude

When interviewing for a school secretary job, you must show the right attitude. Let the interviewer know you are the right person for this job and explain why. Be confident and polite. Also, make sure you highlight any special experience you feel may contribute to your interview.

Have you done any volunteering? Have you taken any courses related to education, youth work, office administration or secretarial work? Do you speak a second language? All of this can make a difference when the school is selecting the successful candidate, so make sure you let your potential employer know everything you can bring into the school.

Furthermore, in this kind of position, confidentiality and privacy are really important. Be sure to let your potential employer know you are committed to preserving any personal information you may encounter while doing your job. Last but not least, learn the school values and show that you appreciate them.