Summing up at the end of the job interview

This phase is your chance to open up full blast on your sales pitch. You've answered the questions, you've made your points, and you've proven your competence.

Make the message simple, but don't leave anything out.

Your points are:

  • Proven skills and qualifications
  • Proven competence on the job
  • You meet all the essential criteria
  • You have experience
  • The job is part of your career path
  • You do want the job
  • You can contribute and add value to the job

You could put all those points into two sentences, but keep them clear.

Kill off any possible argument about your abilities or suitability for the job.

During the interview, you've been making your pitch about all these subjects one at a time. Now you can put them all together.

You have a huge advantage if you can simply provide a checklist of all the job's requirements, and just say, That's me. That approach is very hard to refute. It's also good from the interviewers' perspective, because that's exactly what they have to deliver to the employer.

Bear in mind this is a competitive process, and your summary has to be as good as you can get it. Go to work on what you want to say for this part of the interview, you can refine it into something pretty effective.

Be real

Never make a debatable comment, when making your pitch at the end of the interview. You don't have to be modest, just impossible to argue with about your ability to do the job.

Give the interview panel nothing but facts, which are what they need.

You've got the job, unless someone else is very good indeed.