Surgical Tech Job Interview Tips

When trying to get a surgical tech job, you will need to complete a face-to-face interview before you land the position. For many people, this is the most difficult part of the job search. But with proper preparation and confidence and your part, the interview can be the final step that gets you the surgical tech job. Here are some tips for the interview.

1: Don't Be Late

Nothing gives a worse impression than being late to your own job interview. Make certain you know exactly where the interview location is. If you've never been there before, see if you can pay a visit before the actual interview.

2: Dress for Success

As a surgical tech, you'll be wearing hospital scrubs, but that's no excuse for not dressing professionally for the interview. Dress on the conservative side and avoid loud clothes, excessive jewelry, and too much make-up or perfume.

3: Watch Your Body Talk

Your body can send just as much of a message as your words in a job interview. You want your body to send a message of confidence and competence. Enter the interview room, make good eye contact with the interviewer and give him or her a firm handshake. Be attentive during the interview and avoid the appearance of fidgeting. Don't cross legs or arms. Give the interviewer your undivided attention.

4: Prepare for "What If" Questions

A surgical tech job involves a lot of responsibility. The interviewers will want to know how you will respond in stressful situations and as part of a team, so they will ask some hypothetical questions setting up those kind of situations. Think carefully before you answer these questions. They are the most important you'll be asked. Such questions could include:

  • Your surgeon is upset because a piece of equipment is not working properly. How would you handle the situation?
  • You believe that a surgical instrument may have been left in a patient but you're not sure. What would you do?
  • You notice one of the nurses acting strangely during a critical operation. How would you handle the situation?

5: Prepare for Probing Questions

The interviewers will look into your background to see what kind of person you are. They will ask some probing questions to get an idea of how you think. Answer these as honestly as possible and again, don't be afraid to pause and think before answering. These questions might be like the following:

  • What led you to choose the surgical tech job?
  • Tell us about the most difficult choice you had to make professionally.
  • How did you correct a professional mistake you made in the past?

6: Ask Your Own Questions

The interviewer should give you an opportunity to ask your own questions. This is good. Thoughtful questions show you have a strong interest in the job. However, don't ask about salary unless the interviewer brings it up.

7: Do a Mock Interview

See if you can do a practice interview with a friend or relative. Practicing the interview may seem odd at first, but it can help you find weaknesses and give you time to work on them. If you are not happy with an answer given during the mock interview, you need to address it.