Talking about things you have achieved in your career history ?

During an interview most of the questions will point at talking about your experience and accomplishments. These will be centered at assessing your value addition capacity to the job and the company. Questions framed will point at how much did you save the company or how much did you directly benefit the company monetarily. It is not always possible to have an accurate monetary benefit estimate on your job - more so if you are in HR or administrative jobs. However, you may highlight the importance of your strategies which indirectly save the company revenue or add value to the existing services, such as multi-tasking and saving the requirement for another appointment, or introducing flexi-hours where you bring optimal usage of human resources while it is perceived as a perk, and so on.

Other questions will aim to judge your expertise and work preferences (people or office back end work; documentation or numbers) and capacity to work as a leader or at supervisory levels. When faced by these questions be honest about your preferences and indicate your strengths in the areas you choose to justify your preferences.

You will definitely be asked to enumerate some of your most laudable accomplishments in your previous job. Be sure you have a story ready with examples - the best answer would include situations that could be possible in the present job - whereby you not only highlight your accomplishments, but also prove your fit to the present job.

'What was the most unpleasant task you had to do in your last job ?' - is a question that stumps the best of people. You need to be prepared for this questions so you could say something you did not like in an objective way which does not sound like badmouthing anyone, does not sound like whining and definitely does not sound like a setback in your professional makeup. As it is with the strengths and weaknesses question, it is very much needed here to emphasize the negative aspect through a positive outlook, such as, 'I was happy with my job, but many times got stumped by the paper work till I got a colleague in my team to help me'.

When you are talking about your experience and accomplishments, you need to draw the attention of the interviewer not only to your strengths, but also how those strengths match the requirements of the job. Also remember, that this is the time you can use some good references.