Teen interviews

Have you heard the say 'Your resume gets you to the door but the interview will get you the job'?

However impressive your resume may be, the interview is where you score all your points. Your interview is the first impression that you give to your potential employer, so it is best to put in all preparation to give a good first impression that shows how capable you are in carrying yourself in all situations.

Do you homework

Before going for an interview, do some research on the place you are planning to go for the interview. Make sure you read the job description clearly and understand very well what is expected of you. You don't want to go to the interview and find yourself being totally clueless. It's very important that you understand exactly what your employer requires of you before you go for a teen interview.


You could always practice how a teen interview would be conducted with an elder at home, employing commonly used questions at an interview that could be easily found on the internet.

This helps you to work on your body language and general presentation too. Also pre-plan on how flexible you can be if required to and be realistic on the amount of salary expected, if you are asked how much you are looking for.

How you look…

Your attire and how you look speaks out for itself. Don't over do the dressing but keep it simple and elegant. A neat and tidy look without too much make up, gives a positive outlook for girls. Jeans, shorts, low cut clothing should be avoided at all costs. It would always be helpful to get an opinion of an elder person, of how you look in your selected outfit.

Be on time

No one likes a person who can't keep to time. Just to be on the safe side and be early for your interview; plan ahead so that you reach your interview at least 20-25 minutes earlier. This gives room for any last minute delays on the way too. It's always better to be early than be late.

At the teen interview

  • When walking into the interview room, carry yourself in a confident manner being relaxed at the same time.
  • Remain calm throughout the whole interview; always be polite without the use of any slang or indecent words.
  • Try not a crouch on the chair as it reflects a very low self esteem.
  • Never chew gum; it's a total turn off.
  • When you are being questioned don't play down on your previous minor jobs and voluntary work as it could show valuable information on how responsible you have been. Be very specific when you state you're working times and in reasoning why you think you are best fitted for the job.
  • Remember to avoid the use of pause words such as 'um' and 'like' throughout the interview as it gives a bad impression on your communicating skills.
  • Keep your answers direct and don't answer in long speeches, and don't fret to ask question or get them to repeat or rephrase a question if it wasn't clear.
  • Always maintain good eye contact and don't wander around with your eyes all around the room or don't keep looking at the ground.
  • Be yourself. Trying to impersonate someone else is not going to get you anywhere. The person best qualified to be you, is you. So be yourself and show the person interviewing you that you have a lot to offer them. Giving them the impression that you are going to be of an asset and a value to there compan will definitely land the job in your lap.
  • Finally, always show enthusiasm and project confidence in the way you talk and present yourself.

After a teen interview

It's always courteous and of nice gesture to thank them with a nice smile for their time.

After a few days, you could always call them up and follow up by inquiring if the position is filled. If it is, make sure to request them to let you know if another opening comes up. This gives a responsible and mature impression of you to possible future employment opportunities.