The importance of following up

One of the critical mistakes most applicants make is not following up with the employer after the interview. If you do not get an immediate job offer, you must show that you want the job so that you get the job. How do you do this?

Show You Want the Job

Beyond showing up for the interview and giving it your best approach, you also need to show how much you want the job. Following up with the employer begins with taking the initial steps at the end of the interview. Here are four things you should do before leaving the interview.

  • Summarize the interview - as you close the interview, usually with the handshake, summarize your strong selling points to the employer as a solution to their problem
  • Ask about the hiring date - find out when the employer plans to have the position filled by
  • Ask for permission to call - with this, if you don't hear about the job by the 'hire' date, you can call and either remind the employer about you or cross the job off your list
  • Remind the employer about you - your last statement should reflect how much you will be looking forward to hearing from them about your start date; always end on a positive note

The Follow Up

After the interview, and within two days, you should write a note to the employer as a 'thank-you' for the meeting. Following up with the employer in this manner again will show that you want the job and keep you in their mind.

What are the reasons to follow up with the employer? Here are three:

  • The employer remembers you in a positive light
  • You let the employer know you really want the job.
  • You open the door to making the follow up call

What do you write in the letter to show that you want the job?

  • Manners - thank the employer for the opportunity for the interview
  • Interest - repeat your show of interest in the position
  • Follow-up call - mention the date when you will call to follow up on the job status

The main reason you want to show that you want the job is because there will be many other applicants looking for the same job. Following up after the interview reminds the employer about you, and your skills and what positive role you would play within the company.