Tips for new job seekers: Dealing with interview nerves

If you're tense, consciously or subconsciously, the body produces adrenalin. This is the body's natural accelerator, and interview nerves are caused by this over supply of adrenalin.

There are several cures for too much adrenalin in the system:

Oxygen: Deep regular breathing produces instant relaxation in tense people. Physiologically, it's a 'relax' signal. The body responds instantly, and so does the brain.

Exercise: Exercise generates endorphins, the body's pain killers and natural relaxants. This is extremely effective if done a couple of hours before an interview. (Note: We're talking about a good basic workout, not extreme exercise levels, which have the negative effect of wearing people out.)

Meditation: Meditation is the preferred option of many people in high stress jobs. It's designed to create a good mental balance, and is very calming for people who meditate regularly, restoring a familiar mental state.

Yoga or Qigong (Tai Chi) Yoga and Qigong are both exercises and relaxants. They stimulate breathing and circulation, and remove tension in muscles, which sometimes translates to body language during interviews.

All of these methods work reliably. Find the method that's most suitable for your needs, one that you can do whenever required, to reduce tension.


The mental perspective will also respond to logic. The best way of defusing interview nerves is to make the interview environment a normal, not an exceptional, place to be. Actually, it's a quite accurate perspective.

  • Any job interview question should be treated exactly as you would treat a job situation, because that's exactly what the question represents. Just give the normal, correct response you'd give your boss.
  • The same issues are involved in a job interview as on the job.
  • You're giving answers to questions which would be pretty normal in any job. These are theoretical questions, in most cases, but they all have practical elements you know well.
  • You're doing the interview because you know your job, and because you have the skills and experience required.

It's easy to beat interview nerves. Don't let them beat you.