Wage Research

What You Should Know!

To improve career salary negotiations you have to research, plan, communicate and act.

What is your bargaining position? Your strengths, weaknesses and achievements. Learn about your competition.

Negotiate your career salary after you are convinced that you have mentioned all your positives. You have to negotiate when your interviewer is interested in hiring you.

From your research you should know more about :

  • General economy situation.
  • Situation of the industry in which this company works.
  • Unemployment rate in this industry.
  • What qualifications and experience are the norm for this career.
  • Profitability of the company.
  • Maturity of the company (startup, developing, constant).
  • Pay scales within the company and organisational structure.

Your bargaining points on the career salary:

  • Other similar vacancies.
  • Your unique experience and qualifications.
  • How long can you stay out of a job.
  • How many people are trying to pursue this career.

Know the interviewer:

  • How important is this position for the company?
  • How urgently do they need it filled?
  • Who decided on the career salary you will be getting?

Knowledge is power. With the above information in your hands you can better negotiate your career salary. This information will also help in answering interview questions.