What can you do for the employer

Going into a job interview you should know the way to address two key elements which employers will want:

  • Why the employer should hire you
  • How to get past the ex-offender label

We should start with the second element first.

How to Get Past the Ex-Offender Label

Getting past the ex-offender label may prove difficult for some employers. Do not let this dampen your attitude or efforts to find work. The best method for dealing with this issue is to understand the viewpoint of the employer and how you can prove your ability to get around it. Here are a few issues an employer may have with your criminal history:

  • You may steal from the employer
  • You may threaten or harm one of your co-workers
  • You may often be late or missing from work due to being re-arrested, parole meetings, drug abuse, or simple laziness

In order to do this, you must convince the employer that you have taken steps to change your habits and motivation away from criminal activity. Some tips which may help you would be talking about the following:

  • Treatment programs you are currently involved in
  • Training programs you are taking to improve your skills or abilities
  • Efforts to maintain a life away from criminal behaviors
  • The Federal Bonding Program which may help minimize the employers concerns about theft in the workplace

Why the Employer Should Hire You

This question should not be answered by simply reciting your skills and abilities listed on the resume or application. What the employer is looking for are answers to the following questions:

  • How you will use your skills to enhance the business
  • How your abilities will help the employer make money
  • If your employment will be a hindrance or a burden to the business
  • The benefits his clients or customers will see if he hires you

Getting past the ex-offender label, while a good part of the equation, will only be a partial solution to getting a job. You need the ability to answer the main question of why the employer should hire you at all. Even without being an ex-offender, you would need a satisfactory answer to this question.

How do you do this? Again, having certain solutions in place before going into the interview will greatly help.

  • Showing a long term history of experience in the given field
  • Showing a wide range of knowledge in the given field
  • Showing a willingness to learn new skills through ongoing training and certification
  • Showing a positive and self-confident attitude
  • Showing that you are willing to work within the guidelines of the company

A great form of 'self-promotion' is to consider the answers from the employers view. What is the best way to promote yourself if you were the employer looking to hire you? With this in mind, finding the answers to the question of why the employer should hire you will come easier than you think.