What Color Should You Dress in for and Interview?

You’ve probably heard that you should dress conservatively for a job interview, but you may be wondering what color you should wear to make the best impression. Since different colors can cause different responses in people, you should consider the subtle message you are sending when you chose to wear specific colors for your job interview.

Dress Clothes

People should wear dressy clothes like suits, dresses, skirts, slacks and jackets to a job interview. The most popular colors are neutrals, like black, brown, beige, gray or navy. If you choose to wear black, be careful because it can represent power, authority and drama, not qualities you probably want to convey to someone who is thinking about hiring you. Consider using black only as an accent color.

Brown is a better choice because it signifies qualities like credibility and stability. Like brown, beige and tan tend to be calming, nonassertive colors that reduce stress and invite communication. Gray is another good choice because it signifies sophistication, if you want to appear confident but not overpowering, wear gray.

The best-selling color worldwide is blue. Blue denotes loyalty, honesty, trust, calmness and authority and is a great choice for a job interview. As a result, a navy blue suit could make a very good impression.


Many people will choose white shirts or blouses to go under their suit jackets. Since white symbolizes order, cleanliness and purity, it is a good choice. A white shirt usually goes with everything and is a year round outfit


Your accessories will allow you to add a splash of color to your fairly neutral job interviewing wardrobe. Accessories include things like ties, scarves, shoes and jewelry. Make sure you choose accessories that go with what you are wearing and keep it simple.

Accessories should be used to accent and highlight your face. Keep religious artifacts and accessories at home during an interview. Also, keep dangling bracelets to a minimum because they can be noisy and distracting. When you interview, you want the interviewer to remember your face, not the noise you produced.

Green is a good accessory color. It symbolizes nature, wealth, success and security. The color is also a relaxing one that is easy on the eye.

Socks and Shoes

For men, the best bet is to wear socks that match the color of your suit or slacks to the best of your ability. If you are wearing a tan suit, wear slightly darker socks but a shade lighter than your shoes. Dark brown or black are the best color shoe choices for men.  

Woman should match the color of the suit to their shoes and keep everything neutral. You should also choose close-toed shoes without heels that are too high and wear neutral hose with them.