What is a Background Check?

  • Background checks range from basic, credit checks to full-blown character profiles.
  • Background checks reveal an individual's financial habits and details of any criminal records or possible aliases.
  • Background checks are one way of keeping undesirable characters out of the workplace and ultimately, avoiding lawsuits and unnecessary expense.
  • Background checks can be the only way of establishing the integrity of an individual.
  • Background checks verify details submitted by a job applicant. The applicant fills out an online application form and the information is then, emailed to an International Research company. The company verify the details supplied, before returning an encrypted file containing the results of the background check.

What do Background Checks Verify?

Research has shown that up to 1 in 4 people submit inaccurate resumes to potential employers. Resumes are full of 'holes', which can be - and usually are - revealed during routine background checks.

The most common discrepancies, submitted on resumes are misquoted qualifications, work history and earnings.

Intelligently & honestly, highlighting your skills on your resume has never been so crucial!

International Background Checks

  • Companies in the USA are obliged to check the backgrounds of all job applicants who were either, born outside of the USA or who are working within foreign offices.
  • Many employers are also choosing to check the records of anyone who has spent time abroad.
  • International research companies are not private investigators and they will only do online searches relating to employees.

Background Checks Verify the Following Details on a Resume:

  • Qualifications
  • Dates
  • References
  • Birth dates
  • Former employer details
  • Financial habits
  • Criminal record
  • Possible aliases