What is your relationship with your colleagues and boss ? - Job Interview Question

Your working attitude will be one of the important yard sticks to measure your compatibility during an interview. You will meet with questions such as, 'what are your strengths and weaknesses as perceived by your colleagues or boss'. Here the interviewer clearly aims to understand your perspective on office relationship and self-appraisal abilities. Now if you think you are perceived as friendly, efficient and hard working it not only shows that you are a good worker but also a well-settled individual at work. Emphasize on your qualities that best match the present job; while mentioning the weakness, point it out as an area that needs improvement rather than a deficiency.

There are other questions, such as 'Why do you feel you match the position ?' or 'How long would it take you to contribute to the present position ?'. Here the best answer is straight forward, saying that your abilities, qualifications and experience make you feel that you were right for the job. A confident (not over-confident which will come across as haughty) answer will have a great impact. A professional takes a very brief period of adjustment time before they start pulling their weight, so say so.

Another question in this line that would need attention is, 'How good you are at conflict solving ?' or 'Tell us a time where you had to make a difficult decision '. These types of questions search to measure your capacity to work under pressure from work or colleagues. Your answer should highlight your ability to keep cool under pressure. Hence, you may like to describe real or imaginary situations where you handles tough situations with a good amount of calculation towards good results. If you choose imaginary situations, keep it as brief as possible and to the point.

Yet another problem question on your working attitude would be, 'What the company can gain from you ?'. The answer to this question would show your clarity on the job applied and the goals of the company. Hence, this is a question which needs to be backed up by good research and preparation. Your contribution should match your strengths and experience to the overall goals of the company.

'Identify three plus points and three negative points about the position offered' could be another trick question often posed to the candidates. Here, the interviewer seeks flattery - so give it to him. Appreciate at least four aspects about the company and show how happy and interested you are to be part of the overall plans of the company. When it comes to the negative points, point some mismatch between the job and your strengths which is almost negligible, such as, 'it is a bit too far from residence'.

Whichever question that is posed on your work attitude aims to find out whether you can work as a team member, with a demanding boss and with demanding deadlines. A perfect match (though non-existent) need to be compatible not only with the work but also with the pressures it entails, the peers and the superiors.