What skills you bring to this job

This particular question is often a real delineator between candidates. Some people just don't give enough information. Some answer it so that it sounds like they don't understand the question.

The question is a request for as much relevant information as you can give the interviewers. It really is, for once, in an interview, an opportunity.

Say the interview is for a job as a shop assistant in a department store. The range of possible roles for a shop assistant is pretty big. If you're a reasonably experienced shop assistant, and you have the really important basic skills, this is the question that can get you the job:

I've got a wide range of experience in the fundamental skills of this job. I've done counter work, cash registry, stock control, sales, inventory management, and some supervisory work. I've also worked across a lot of different departments, white goods electricals, furniture, and obviously, you have to learn a lot, with so many different types of stock and customer needs to work with. I have had some exposure to consumer complaint issues, too, and I know the processes involved. One of the reasons I applied for this particular job was because I know it's all work where I have previous experience.

When you answer this question, you might find you've got a lot of information to get through. Make absolutely sure all the essential criteria of the job are mentioned, so you're covering all bases.

There's 101 words in the answer above. That's about 40 seconds, at normal speed. It might sound a bit rushed, so remember to breathe.

If necessary, pause slightly at the end of sentences so the interviewers can take in the information, and whoever's writing the notes can keep up.

Every single bit of this question counts in your favor, when you get it right.

It's all factual material. The interviewers already know your CV information, and you got the interview on the basis of that. This is really expanding that information and showing your comprehension of the duties of the job and the skills required.