International Job Seeker Test

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Select the correct statement:

A. Hong Kong is not one of the eight economic centers of the world.
B. After you ate with chopsticks in Hong Kong, you should never cross them.
C. Americans also need residence visas even when they only stay for three months
D. Living costs are low in Hong Kong

The greatest demand for foreign workers in Australia is in the ____ sector?

A. Information and Communication
B. Mining Industry
C. Teaching
D. Transport

Which one of the following statements is NOT true?

A. The Taiwanese regard informal greetings with the first contact as rude.
B. The Taiwanese have light handshakes and won't always make full eye contact.
C. It is custom to trade business cards at the end of meetings in Taiwan.
D. Meetings always commence with polite conversation in Taiwan.

Which two Latin American countries don't have English teaching jobs?

A. Brazil and Argentina
B. Uruguay and Paraguay
C. Peru and Chile
D. Columbia and Venezuela

True or False: You will need a working visa that entails a lot of paperwork, including police clearance, statements, copies of all your qualifications, and a permanent position to be allowed to work in a Latin American country.

A. True
B. False

17. Besides teaching jobs, what other types of jobs are also popular with international job seekers in Latin America?

A. Building and construction
B. Farming
C. Entertainment
D. Telecommunications

True or False: The graduate degree doesn't count in your favor when you look for an overseas job

A. True
B. False

A well panned strategy for finding an overseas job is essential.

A. True
B. False

Which one of the following statements is true?

A. You need a different version of your resume for every country where you want to work
B. It is not essential to be knowledgeable in work permit requirements since the recruitment agent normally assists you
C. Networking is not important in finding a job in France
D. Previous international work experience is irrelevant in finding overseas jobs

True or False: Fluency in more than one language is preferred in most countries.

A. True
B. False

An understanding and appreciation of different cultures with several types of business etiquette is not essential if you want to find work in the international market.

A. True
B. False

True or False: International recruiters place special emphasis on determining character of potential employees. There is often a greater emphasis placed on character assessment than technical knowledge.

A. True
B. False

Government placements are regularly conducted trough the use of structured interviews and the three basic areas candidates are judged on are:

A. Knowledge, compatibility and personality
B. Knowledge, ability and personal suitability
C. Experience, friendliness and neatness
D. Productivity, foreign language abilities and writing skills

International placement interviews generally have three people, select the person that is not normally present at these interviews

A. HR manager
B. A senior staff member
C. Interpreter
D. Liaison officer

True or False: Quite often, what seems acceptable in one country is totally forbidden in another, e.g. regular pain-killers containing opiates are perfectly acceptable in the UK but totally, illegal in Greece.

A. True
B. False

International jobs in the developing countries vary widely. Which one is not an example of the jobs for foreigners in developing countries?

A. Asia: Agricultural Scientist
B. Middle East: Watershed Management Specialist
C. Bolivia: Development Finance Specialist
D. Kenya: Aerodynamic Engineer

What question should you NOT ask when enquiring about a possible job opening?


A. 'Will the selection decision be made by month-end?'
B. 'What is the salary range for someone with my experience?'
C. 'Are you accepting resumes currently?'
D. 'When will I hear from you?'

TEFL stands for:

A. Teaching English Foreign Language
B. Tertiary English Foreign Language
C. Technical English Foreign Language
D. Technical Education for Foreign Language

In what sector will you find the most jobs in Italy?

A. Education
B. Engineering
C. Information Technology and Computers
D. Building and Construction

At present the largest high paying market for English teachers are in:

A. Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia
B. North African countries
C. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Japan
D. Vietnam

In which sector/s is a severe shortage of jobs in the northern parts of Italy?

A. Product designers
B. Electrical engineers
C. Mechanical engineers
D. All of the above

Which of the following countries sometimes allow English teachers to work without certification due to a shortage of EFL teachers?

A. Italy, Spain, Greece, and Portugal
B. France, Sweden, and Belgium
C. Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan
D. Morocco and Egypt

The best time to start your search on the Internet for seasonal ski jobs on the Alps is:

A. From July to October
B. From December to January
C. From July to November
D. From November to December

True or False: It is difficult to find Au Pair work in France

A. True
B. False

You will be able to find work in France during the summer holidays as:

A. Receptionist, cleaner or chef
B. Ski instructor
C. Snowboard Instructor
D. Lift operator