Resume writing for graduates

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On the fresher`s CV the most important factor is:

A.The GPA and major achievements
B.The match of skills to the job requirement
C.The work history
D.The way the information is presented on the CV

What do you need to make an impressive CV?

A.The use of highly intellectual words
B.A very crisp presentation in bullet points using job-specific keywords
C.An in-depth narrative of the achievements and experience gathered
D.A bright color paper to print your CV on

A fresher`s CV should always mention two references.


You should always mention what is the minimum salary you expect, lest you will be underchargeD.


It is alright if you do not put down the date of birth in your CV.


You have no work experience. What other factor can this be replaced with to create a strong positive impact?

A.Academic performance
B.Achievements in college extra-curricular activities
C.Personal talents than can be translated into employable skills
D.All the above

One of the most critical factors in the writing of the CV is that it should have no spelling or grammatical mistakes.


A fresher`s CV should always mention the GPA in their CV.

A.Only if the GPA is outstanding
D.Only for the major subject

Your education information should always include:

A.The date of graduation and college name, subject you majored The correct answer is
B.The subject you majored in and GPA
C.Complete list of major and minor subjects covered, college name
D.Date of graduation, college name and full address

What is the best way to present your past experience in the CV?

A.Present it in chronological descending order, in bullet points
B.Present it in descending chronological order, in the form of a paragraph
C.Do not mention it, unless it is relevant to the job
D.Present it in bullet points, but in ascending chronological order

When you list your experience, what is the most important message that has to get to get across to the employer?

A.Your skills and expertise
B.The designation and responsibilities you have taken up
C.The company/ department you have worked for
D.Your achievement in each of the job/position

Your hobbies should always reflect proper coordination with the job that you are applying for.


A fresh graduate has little, if any work experience. Which is the best way to convince the employer that you do have the ability to handle the job?

A.Project your soft skills as employable skills
B.Mention all the projects/ class work that you have completed during your college days
C.List all the paid and unpaid work you have done (which is relevant to the job)
D.All the above

What is the most critical factor in the CV of a fresh graduate?

A.Employable Skills
C.Relevant experience
D.Style of presenting all the above

A professional CV (for a fresh graduate) should always be contained within one page.


You have received the coordinates of five top companies and you are excited about applying to all of them. In order to optimize your chances, you should:

A.Immediately send your standard CV with a standard cover letter
B.Write a customized cover letter for each organization, highlighting the match between your skills and the job requirement in max two paragraphs
C.Send the CV without the cover letter - sometimes this distracts the employer
D.Send your standard CV and cover letter printed on a bright colored paper which will make your application stand out

You are a fresh graduate and you want to apply for as many jobs as possible so you can start working at the earliest. You are aware that you need an impressive CV. What, in your opinion, makes the CV impressive at the first glance?

A.A very crisp and focused objective
B.A humorous graphic which will ask the employer to stop and take notice
C.A professional summary which tells it all in five sentences tops
D.All the above

The first CV screening is done in just 10 seconds time. In order to ensure that your CV passes the test, you will need to:

A.List your skills that match the job exactly
B.List in descending chronological order your experience, tweaked to match the requirements of the job
C.Highlight your academic and personal achievements
D.All the above

It is advisable to list your voluntary work as experience in the CV.

A. True
B. False

The best way to attract the attention of the employer is to print your CV on a bright colored paper.