5 Model Portfolio Tips

Are you an aspiring model looking for model portfolio tips? As a model, your portfolio is your calling card. It's your shot at making a good first impression. If you're working on your own though, without an agent or manager to get you the modeling jobs you want, the task of putting your portfolio together will be entirely up to you. In order to make the right first impression, here are five model portfolio tips to get you on your way. These tips should be a guide for helping you to create the best career portfolio you can and get your modeling career off to a proper start.

What Makes Up a Model Portfolio?

Your portfolio will mainly be made up of photographs that a fashion photographer took of you. You can add to the portfolio as your career progresses. This will be your career portfolio. Inside the portfolio should be a variety of photographs. They should be made up of headshots, full length photographs, action shots and different poses as well as clothing styles and hair styles. A magazine will need a good idea of what you look like in a number of poses and clothing styles. You should plan for about 15 to 20 photographs in all.

About Photographs

Protect your photographs by using sheet protectors. This will not only protect your career portfolio and keep the photographs from being damaged or smudged with fingerprints but it also looks more professional. Your career portfolio will also hold up better over the years. If you're posting an online portfolio you can protect those images with a digital copyright imprint or symbol. If any of the photographs from your career portfolio have been used in published advertisements, be sure to include tear sheets in your modeling portfolio.

Should You Use an Online Portfolio?

Instead of a traditional hard copy portfolio, you may want to consider using a secure web-page based online model portfolio. However, the same rule goes for an online portfolio. While you can't include tear sheets, if a photograph was included in a published advertisement (either offline or online), be sure to include as much information about the publication and advertisement it was featured in as possible. In addition, set the photographs as "view only". That will help you stand out and avoid others from using your images illegally.

Your Model Portfolio Should Be Professional

Professionalism is everything when creating your career portfolio. You can help your professional modeling image by using a portfolio case to hold your images. Unlike using a plain binder or envelope or folder, your professional image and how you view your modeling career will be taken more seriously if you present your career portfolio as professional as possible. Bear in mind the image you want the present and the impression you want to leave potential clients with.

The Key to Success Is an Organized Model Portfolio

Organize your career portfolio as best as possible. Place your top three photographs at the front of the portfolio with no other images on the opposite page. Do this in order to remove distractions. People naturally look to the right when flipping through a portfolio so placing your photos on the right side of the page will naturally draw their eyes to that picture. At the end of the portfolio, repeat the process by using two more of your best shots, again only placing one to a page so as to not distract the person looking through your portfolio.