6 International Management Jobs

International management jobs provide exciting travel opportunities. Positions may be short term or longer term. International management jobs are available in a number of exciting fields.


In general, international management positions require at least a four-year degree in the area of interest. On the whole, however, employers tend to prefer graduate study in management or a related field. Jobs that are high up in the management scale and include a lot of responsibilities will require more education and experience. But the pay goes up as well.

Special Skills

International management jobs require a high level of language proficiency. Managers have to communicate easily with employees and other management staff and should be conversational, yet also quite versed in high level vocabulary. International management job seekers should make sure to learn any and all vocabulary in a foreign language related to the industry in which employment is being sought. International management job candidates may be required to take proficiency examinations in the language administered by national government agencies. Course credit may also be an option for proof of proficiency. Nationally administered exams of language proficiency may be available to be taken in the country in which the job applicant originally resides.

1: International Project Management Jobs

International project management jobs involve overseeing a temporary project to completion based on the terms of a contract. International project management positions may be open in a variety of fields, such as IT and language translation.

2: International Property Management Jobs

International property management job candidates can hold a bachelor's degree and several years of experience. International property management positions usually require candidates to know something of property law in the country in which they seek employment

3: International Human Resources Management Jobs

International human resources management jobs generally require a master's degree. The job is the same internationally as it is otherwise and generally involves labor and productivity management. International human resource managers may oversee one particular firm or may manage hiring practices internationally, for multiple firms at a time.

4: International Sales Management Jobs

International sales management jobs may involve working closely with marketing staff. International sales managers are responsible for keeping track of sales employees, their actions and the volume of material sold. Sales managers may also work closely with project managers on targeted initiatives.

5: International Environmental Management Jobs

International environmental management jobs involve overseeing all currently operating facilities for a given organization. International environmental managers assess each facility's overall impact on the surrounding environment. Environmental managers not only monitor environmental output like pollution and hazardous waste. They can also plan for future efforts at restoring the surrounding environment. Environmental managers may be employed internationally by for-profit or non-profit business organizations. Environmental management positions usually require a graduate degree in the sciences.

6: International Marketing Management

International marketing management jobs require at least a master's degree in business, usually marketing, advertising or a similar field. International marketing managers oversee the international marketing strategies of companies and other groups. These professionals may work in a variety of settings and keep track of the success of marketing campaigns based on consumer reports, as well.