Additional capabilities

Beyond the extra skills levels which mean you could go up the promotion track, are other abilities. These can be extremely important to interviewers in assessing candidates.

The most commonly used word in job applications is multitasking. It's there for a very good reason. The dynamics of the workplace have gone way past a single task job. Those jobs don't really exist any more.

So, if you were an employer, and you were likely to have a few people off on any given day of the week, you're also stuck with the need to make sure their workloads can be covered.

You need people who can perform across a whole spectrum of tasks. Gaps in the workforce are a primary reality of employers' lives. You can try to prevent gaps by training in-house, but training is sometimes a luxury, and can take a while. It can also cost quite a lot, either in terms of time or patience.

So employers always look for additional skills where they can cover gaps.

This is another bit of information that somehow didn't make it onto the job ad in any specific sense, but that's what multitasking really means.

This can get complex for interviewees, but it can also get jobs.

Say the accountant above also had some good experience with a financial data system, and could fill in for the internal auditor.

For the employer, that's a very good deal.

Your chances of getting the job are drastically improved, if you show that you're a good way of covering several gaps.