Administrative Assistant Job Networking Tips

Administrative assistant job networking is different from other types of networking. This very diverse, broad category of work may involve multiple forms of networking in different areas of work and industries.

You’d think that a supposedly simple administrative assistant job wouldn’t even need a network. That’s definitely not the case. When either working or looking for an administrative assistant job, you can always use a network.

The Administrative Assistant Job Hunting Environment

A couple reasons for the diversified networking are that administrative assistant jobs involve many skills and there are many possible job options. Portable skills are real factors in this field. To give some idea of the issues involved in finding administrative assistant jobs, these are some of the skill sets:

  • Customer service
  • Call center
  • Database operations
  • Sales
  • Document management systems
  • Accounts

These skill sets are often needed in combination in administrative assistant jobs. The administrative assistant needs more than one skill set.

Job mobility is a primary issue for all areas of administrative work. Individuals progress in this field mainly be moving from job to job. Getting a job requires good information, good preparation and, in some cases, career advice and guidance. That’s where the networking comes in.

Administrative Assistant Job Networks

The administrative assistant job network is a mix of a conventional job network and various independent sources.

 The conventional network consists of the following:

  • Colleagues
  • Trainers
  • Fellow trainees
  • Industry professionals
  • Employer contacts

It’s the natural, immediate administrative assistant job network. At the entry level, it’s quite good enough to help you effectively with job hunting and receiving guidance about getting jobs. This is an inevitable, built in group of contacts.

That’s not necessarily the case, however, as the administrative assistant jobs become more complex, including many different types of work. The next evolution of the administrative assistant job network is that additional contacts in areas of specialization or training are included.

A data entry and customer service administrative assistant job, for example, would naturally develop with more database training. Most people in administrative assistant jobs pursue rapid self-development, and that naturally changes their networking requirements.

The new, diversified job network includes a very practical and very useful range of independent contacts:

  • College trainers
  • Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Career counselors
  • Temp agencies

The idea of this network is better firsthand information sources regarding job options and opportunities. The progression to more complex jobs and evolving networks transforms the range of contacts into a much more functional job hunting network than the original.

Contract administrative assistant jobs

There’s another emerging form of administrative assistant job networking: contract work. This is becoming a very popular area of employment, particularly for the work-at-home workforce. Networking for these jobs takes an unexpected turn. The emphasis remains on getting jobs, but the added element is that networks are now used to get information about the employers, the types of work, the reliability of the income and other practical issues.