Administrative Assistant Job Search Tips

An administrative assistant job search is truly difficult. It’s a search for jobs whose descriptions are likely to include anything and everything. The problem is that the job ads aren’t much better. To find your administrative assistant job, you need to develop a system that will find your jobs quickly and efficiently.

Job Search for Administrative Assistant Jobs Online

The online administrative assistant job search can literally take a whole day. It’s a long, turgid wade through a range of jobs, some of which may have some elements in common with what you want and others of which include things that you wouldn't even consider.

The way out of this unsatisfactory mess is to use search terms that relate directly to your strongest skills. Administrative assistant jobs and their job ads include a range of skills. This allows you to focus on specifics in your search and avoid the largely useless generic terms that cause problems in getting meaningful search results.

Say you’re a database expert. Use the type of database or some of the database functions as specific search terms. They’ll show up in the job description. This is far more accurate and much simpler.

The other problem with administrative assistant jobs is the locations. Because this is a very large employment market, you can inadvertently find jobs in other countries if you’re not careful. Use as many categories and qualifiers as possible to avoid such results.

Another useful online job search technique is to specify industry types that match your resume qualifications and skill sets. This is important. Don’t make the mistake of considering your job skills to be instantly portable, simply because something is an “administrative assistant job.” Employers look for close matches and current experience in their fields. Your own industry and related industries are a much safer bet for finding administrative assistant jobs you have a chance of getting.

Particularly important: Be realistic when searching for your administrative assistant job. Don’t waste time on “maybes” unless you’re really scratching to find jobs. You can use up a lot of useful time, as well as patience, on jobs that won’t fly.

Other Job Search Options for Administrative Assistant Jobs

The potentially strongest job search factor for an administrative assistant job is that these jobs are constantly on offer. That makes a few other options viable:

  • Temp agencies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Contract work for online outsourcing companies

These may not be your first preference in terms of getting solid work, but there are some advantages:

  • The agencies find the work for you. Many employers don’t advertise at all until they’ve run out of options with employment agencies.
  • The current experience these jobs provide prevents or fixes holes in your work history. They look good, and you also get current references.
  • These jobs can lead to permanent jobs down the track.

Really, don’t be too fussy about these options because they can get you out of the rut very quickly. Most people would prefer a simpler approach, but if you’re finding things tough, they’re an escape from that situation. You can adjust the situation later, when you’re better set up to look for your preferred types of work.