Adventure jobs in the Alps

There are numerous employment opportunities in the Alps, ranging from chalet personnel and hotel workers to resort employees. European citizens have an advantage over other foreigners since the ski resort managers don't want to struggle with employment contracts for seasonal jobs.

When to apply
The best time to start your search for seasonal jobs on the Internet is from July to the end of October when most of the hiring is done. You can still arrive in November and apply in person, but it is too late by December.

Where to apply
The Internet is the best place for finding holiday jobs in the Alps since most of the resorts do their recruiting on the Internet. You can try some of the following agencies and resorts:

  • Adventure Network - for chalet personnel work
  • Airtour - is a tour operating company with many openings during the summer holidays
  • Aspen Snowmass - provides work at three resorts on the Alps
  • Crystal Holidays - provides work from December to April
  • Esprit - provides work for British citizens
  • First Choice - recruits throughout the year

Types of employment

Chalet staff
Your responsibilities include cleaning, cooking, administration and basic accounting of the bills for the chalet. The minimum qualification is a certificate in catering or cooking. The assistant chalet host is responsible for cleaning, preparation of tables, and waiting on guests. Experience in the hospitality industry is an advantage.

Managers of hotels and chalets
A minimum qualification in management or a diploma in the hotel industry is required. The responsibilities include personnel management, quality control, menu planning, administration, budget and stock control, and interaction with guests.

Hotel chefs and assistants
Your responsibilities include report back, kitchen management, menu planning, budget and stock management. The minimum qualification is a diploma in catering or a related qualification.

Kitchen workers
Responsibilities include cleaning, food preparation and assistance to the main chef. You must have worked in a kitchen before.

The work includes cleaning of rooms, washing of linen, carrying suitcases, parking of vehicles, and general assistance to guests. Some of the job types are porters, receptionists, and cleaners.

Waiters and bartender
The job entails preparation of tables, taking orders, serving food and drinks, and cleaning. The hours are long but the tips are good. You must have worked in a restaurant or hotel before.

Resort administration
It includes office administration, accounting, reception and management jobs.

They do the initial set up of a resort at the start of a season, checking health and safety regulations and plan for the season. You must have organizational and management skills.

Maintenance personnel
These jobs include the general repair and maintenance jobs at resorts, for instance plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. The minimum qualification is a trade certificate in the specific job.

Ski personnel
Ski ranging entails the leading of tourist ski groups and responsibility of their welfare. You must be able to ski very well. Ski instructors need a diploma, while the technicians fit boots and maintain ski-operating equipment.

Au pairs
You will take care of the children. You must have experience in working with children and at least a nursing related qualification.

Retail staff
It includes sales personnel, cashiers, management and security officers. The requirements for these seasonal jobs vary according to the various positions.

Health workers
The medical staff is responsible for emergency care and general medical assistance. The minimum qualification is a diploma in a medical related field. This also includes beauticians and physiotherapists, as well as rescue workers.

It entails driving people to and from the airport and ski resorts. You need a valid driving license.

You have a wide selection of seasonal jobs available to you. Some of the holiday jobs in the Alps are reserved for people with high qualifications, but there are still many opportunities for those of you who are still in your early twenties.